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Poussin's rules and the wind turbine

Clark notes Poussin's intellectual approach to landscape painting, whose goal was to give logical form, order and a sense of permanence to natural scenery. Clark summerises Poussin's rules as follows:

"Poussin conceived that the basis of landscape painting lay in the harmonious balance of the horizontal and vertical elements [...] The chief difficulty of imposing this geometric scheme on nature lies, of course, in the absence of verticals. Landscape is essentially horizontal" (78).

In order to overcome this scarcity of vertical elements in the natural environment, Poussin introduced man-made elements - chiefly relying on architecture. This is particularly relevant for us since both the cooling tower of power stations and the wind turbine are vertical element in a largely horizontal landscape. They therefore can be seen as elements that interrupt the horizontal texture of the landscape and introduce a break for the eye.

Rusholme Wind Farm - Image by Rugo Weaver

Drax Power Station - Image by Rugo Weaver

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