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THe look of energy



Research on renewable energies increasingly takes into account how new forms of energy transform the British landscape. Aesthetic responses to these landscapes often prove a barrier to the rapid adjustments necessary to reduce our carbon footprint. As a consequence, recent scholarship has identified the link between ecological rationality and aesthetic judgements as an important area of study.


This project uses documentary filmmaking to produce moving images of new energy-driven landscapes. These images will be used to assess how communities view, feel and talk about these landscapes and what aesthetic criteria best communicate them.

The project focuses specifically on communities in the Selby District, North Yorkshire which hosts both the UK’s largest energy production site (Drax Power Station) and wind farms (Rusholme Wind Farm) in an area of low-lying agricultural land. The presence of different types of landscape will allow the research to investigate different aesthetic responses in the same site.

The Look of Energy is a research project funded by the British Academy.

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